Past Events

  • Notice of national AGM

    During the day the full national board will be undertaking a planning day, so come along for the annual general meeting and meet your hard-working national representatives. Hear about the outcomes of our planning day and what we plan for the next year.

    4pm, Saturday 29 April, 2017

    Proposed Agenda:

    Welcome:  Chairman Tim Sonnreich


    Ordinary Business

    a. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM (2016)
    b. Annual Reports

    • Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer - Financial Statements for 2013.

    c. Authorise the ‘public officers’ reports to Consumer Affairs Victoria and ASIC.
    Note Q&A will take place in respect to each of the above reports

    Future Planning

    The Chair will report on the planning day outcomes.

    Special Business

    Agenda items to be considered under Special Business should be advised to the National Secretary by no later than 21 April 2017 via:

    5.30 PM. Meeting Expected to Close

    Please feel free to join us at a bar nearby for a good time & chat with fellow Fabians.


    Please note. The elected National officers have a two-year term and no elections will be called this year. Remember that your branch AGM’s will have already elected your State / Branch representatives on the National Board.

    Roger Byrne - National Secretary 15 March 2017



  • Equality in the Criminal System

    Join the Discussion with the following list of speakers,



    Prof Kerry Carrington (Head of the QUT School of Justice)

    Professor Kerry Carrington is the Head School of Justice, Faculty of Law, QUT, Australia. She is a Senior Counselor of the Asian Criminological Society, and was till 2015 Vice Chair of the Division of Critical Criminology, American Society of Criminology. She is the founding Co-Chief Editor of the International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, Pacific Rim Editor of Critical Criminology and International editorial board member of the British Society of Criminology’s flagship journal – Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Feminist Criminology. In 2014 Kerry Carrington received the  American Society of Criminology, Division of Women and Crime 2103 Distinguished Scholar Award in recognition of her contributions to the study and analysis of young women, crime and youth justice which spans 27 years.  In 2014 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Criminology (Division of Critical Criminology). In 2011 her co-publication, “Resource Boom Underbelly: The criminological impact of mining” won the 2012 Allen Austin Bartholomew Award for the best publication in  the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. 



    Luke Thompson (Program Manager Inala Youth Service)


    Andrew Fa'avale (Mana Mentoring - Chairperson and co-founder)

    Andrew has worked as a mediator, practiced as a lawyer, played and coached rugby, worked with young offenders and is currently employed as an equity practitioner and researcher at QUT. These roles have blessed him with the opportunity to live in a diverse range of places such as Samoa, England, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand and Australia.


    Outside of work, Andrew co-founded MANA Community Mentoring Inc., a community organisation that seeks to foster the strengths, abilities and options of youth for positive engagement in the community



  • FabiansSA AGM 2017

    • Sunday, April 09, 2017 at 12:00 PM
    • Seven Stars Hotel Angas Street Adelaide
    • 4 people are going

    Fabian members and guests are invited to attend the AGM for 2017.

    The formal business of the meeting will start just after 12 pm, followed at 12.30 pm by our guest speaker.

    Assoc Prof Hon Ken Coghill (Monash) is Chair of the Labor Academy Pilot Project Curriculum Committee and will speak about the project and the Fabians role, the development of learning modules and other project issues. ALP members and unionists most welcome.

  • High Tea and WA Fabians Planning


    A cup of tea and cake and a chat about what priorities you want to see WA Fabian work towards. Oh, yeah, we'll rubber-stamp our AGM as well (no elections this year and the national body sorts finances), so just some short reports. Seriously, we are going to have some structured discussion including:

    Sally Talbot MLC, Evatt Foundation Board Member will lead a discussion on "Do we need a WA Think Tank?"

    Ivy Chen, Scientist and WA Fabians Committee Member will lead a discussion on "Diversity of voices - ensuring Fabians hear from all"

    Keryn Anderson, ACTU Organising Centre (WA) Educator and Organiser and WA Fabians Committee Member will lead a discussion on "Members and Money: How do we grow?"

  • Interactive policy workshops - jobs and economy

    As preparation for a submission to the ALP Policy Platform review, we are planning three interactive workshops using an electronic meeting system to capture comments (Zing):

    • skills and knowledge  - February, 15
    • health and wellbeing  - March - 15
    • jobs and economy     -  April 19

    Each workshop will run from 6.00 pm  till 8.00 at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne directly opposite the Victoria Market.
    Colin Brooks Chair of the ALP Policy Platform review committee will open the first session and brief us on the workings of the committee.
    Gabrielle Williams, Parliamentary Secretary for Health will introduce the Health and Wellbeing session, and
    Shuan Leane, Parliamentary Secretary for infrastructure for the session on Jobs and Economy.
    The main emphasis in these workshops will be on strategic trajectory. What sort of society will reflect these key areas in 2030 and what policy initiatives need to be in the pipeline over the next decade to ensure we get there?

    The opening question in each instance will be along these lines.

    Workshop Three: jobs and growth – April 19.

    • Which sectors of the economy provide the basis for growth and what policy initiatives could a Labor government put in place to positively support such sectors?
    • What implications result from digitalization and resulting automation for public policy setting with regards to the future of jobs and for balancing economic growth with income distribution?
    • What could form the basis of a Labor government’s public policy direction in the short and medium term covering individuals and families when the future of personal labour is in question?
    It is essential to reserve your place so we can determine venue requirements. Please RSVP as soon as possible.
  • Autumn series 1

    Is neoliberalism destroying social democracy?

    Autumn Series Event 1

    Neoliberalism is all about the market above all else. It promotes winners and losers, rugged individualism, self-interest, the idea that the market is magically self righting, and that 'creative destruction' is a good thing. This has led to an unequal, unhappy, precarious and restless society where trust in government is short and even democracy itself is questioned.

    How well do you understand the roots of neoliberalism? Are the tensions between market liberalism and social democracy too great to be sustained? What should we reject, and what should we keep to reshape new forms of social democracy? On the other hand, are neoliberalism and social democracy fundamentally incompatible?

    Professor Anna Yeatman is the inaugural Whitlam Institute Professorial Research Fellow. She is a political and social theorist who has published on many issues of social democracy, human rights and public policy. Her recent analysis of neoliberalism The Question for Our Times: Institutional Design for a Free Society, can be found here.

    Tim Lyons, Research Fellow at Per Capita, and former Assistant Secretary of the ACTU, knows what happens when neoliberalism affects people’s working lives. He is examining ways to rebuild and maintain the power of organised labour. He has a strong interest in the underpinnings of neoliberalism as it affects policy making.



  • 2017 Victorian Fabians Annual General Meeting

    Our annual general meeting will be held just before our first Autumn Series event.

  • WA Election 2017: The analysis


    WA Fabians UnionsWA and the CPSU-CSA are proud to invite you to the ultimate 2017 WA election analysis on Thursday April 6.  Guest speakers are:

    William Bowe, ABC election analyst, Crikey commentator and author of Australia's longest running political blog, Poll Bludger.  William will give a presentation on key voting patterns.

    Karen Luscombe, principal researcher for WA Opinion Polls which has conducted focus groups and surveys on WA politics for more than 25 years, including for UnionsWA in the lead up to the 2017 election.

    Light refreshments will be provided.  Free for Fabians and CPSU-CSA members.  Non-members (unwaged) are asked to make a gold coin donation, non-members (waged) $5 -  the same price as first year Fabians membership, so why not join here?  

    Please complete your details below.


  • Autumn series 2

    Please note: change of date to Tuesday 30 May  


    What do people really want from government?

    Tuesday 30th May, 6.00pm

    Venue: Green Room. Melbourne City Council Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St Melbourne

    Has populism changed what people expect from government? The media suggests there is a newly awakened demographic group that is responding to politics. But can we separate the explanations for populism espoused by voters and popular media outlets from real reductions in equality and access to opportunity and wealth?

    Two prominent researchers whose work revolves around determining the political direction of voters thinking give insights on what has changed and what stays the same. 

    Dr Ben Wellings of Monash University European and EU Centre is an expert on Brexit and the politics of nationalism and Euroscepticism in contemporary Europe. He will give a perspective on political reactions in the Anglosphere and Europe to the rise of the right and new demands on governments for forms of action they are unused to taking. To get a taste of his thinking, you could listen to this ABC podcast


     Peter Lewis is the CEO of Essential Media. Peter is well placed to provide an insight into what Australians want from Government and whether the rise of populism in Australia is truly as it is portrayed in the media. He provides regular public and media commentary on key issues, especially around the insights from the Essential Poll.  

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    What would constitute a new 'New Deal' or Social Compact?

    Tired of the hypocritical humbug neoliberals spout as a pretence for political thinking? What is beyond low company taxes and welfare scapegoating? 

    Want a new kind of politics where self interest is no longer rewarded over cooperation and caring? What would a new social democratic solution in Australia look like?

    In our final Autumn Series Forum for 2017 we ask what would constitute a new 'New Deal' or Social Compact, to address the growing inequality and declining fairness of Australian society.

    Speakers: John Quiggin, Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland, and Hutch Hussein, Victorian ALP President.

    Cost: $5 members; $10 non-members