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The Australian Fabians Review (or Fabian, for short) is the flagship magazine of the Australian Fabians.

Fabian is a platform for progressive voices, from prominent politicians to emerging leaders, who share original ideas for a more equal Australian future. 

Launched in 2020, the Australian Fabians Review features original essays, interviews, letters, book reviews and fiction from a wide range of important progressive voices, from politicians, union officials, and community leaders to academics, activists and Australian icons. 


Issue 6 - Download

Welcome to the new year and the sixth edition of The Australian Fabians Review. We had intended focusing on the state of the Planet in this edition, and there is ample content to that effect, but the breakout of war in Gaza and the continued war in Ukraine has amplified the call for peace. In all the themes that came together in this edition - centred on an emergent theme in which adolescent suicide, incarceration of Indigenous youth, the killing of children in Gaza, and the destruction of the Planet pointed towards one unassailable truth - we are mistreating our young. And it has to stop. We hope 2024 embraces courageous action against this rising tide.  

Issue 5 - Download

Welcome to this fifth edition of The Fabians Review dedicated to the forthcoming referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. In this, we celebrate the feature article from the national campaign director of YES23, Quandamooka man Dean Parkin.  Our second lead author The Hon Dr Andrew Leigh demonstrates how factionalism strengthens the Labor Party.  Both themes are brought together by Mark Bonanno calling for a unity ticket in supporting the 2023 referendum.  We then welcome our third lead author Senator Janet Rice on the Greens’ vision for a Universal Basic Income. Captain Paul Watson, founder of the global conservation movement Sea Shepherd, then writes from the command of his new ship about fires in the South Sea.  Along with original poetry on the Voice, we feature artwork, book reviews and news including in-depth commentaries on other rising issues such as the housing crisis, education and the University Accord, unions, defence, AUKUS, economics, technology and the rise of artificial intelligence.  All offer challenging visions for the future, inviting bold debate among our Fabians readers. 



Issue 4 - Download

In this fourth issue, Meredith Burgmann gives us a personal portrait of her long-time friend, now Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese MP. Terri Butler invites readers to embrace the opportunities of the circular economy. Professor of Global Biosecurity Raina MacIntyre puts forward a compelling case  for a National Centre for Disease Control. Professor Frank Stillwell looks beyond the Jobs & Skills summit. Emma Dawson addresses the current housing crisis. Jesse J Fleay pens a powerful essay on the need for a constitutional Voice to Parliament. Former ABC board member Joseph Gersh AM looks back on 90 years of the national broadcaster. Yvette Andrews reflects on the state of public misogyny 30 years after the creation of the Ernie Awards. Ed Coper warns about the threat of disinformation to Australian democracy. Daniel Gerrard adds a new rejoinder to the Fabian discourse on MMT and Job Guarantee. Plus research from Rob Manwaring, Book Review by Michael Buckland, powerful personal pieces from Steve Michelson and Amanda McLeod and fiction by Cat Sparks.

Issue 3 - Download

Benjamin Picton leads this third issue with a feature on the impact and future of unconventional monetary policy in Australia. He is joined by historian Frank Bongiorno on how the COVID response has impacted our federation, economist Guy Standing on the ethical case for a Basic Income, and John McKay on why Australia needs a real industrial policy. This issue also includes a review of Van Badham’s new book ‘QAnon and On’ and an interview with Kristina Keneally on the rise of far-Right extremism in Australia.

Issue 2 - Download

This second issue of the Australian Fabians Review is nearly twice the size as the first, and now in full-colour. Our lead contribution is from former prime minister Kevin Rudd, who writes on the Murdoch media empire and how it impactsthe five ‘mega-challenges’ facing us in the post-COVID era. Issue 2 also features Adam Scorgie on how Australia’s dependency on commodity exports leaves us dangerously vulnerable, and Paul Sandringham introduces the Review’s first fiction contribution.

Issue 1 - Download

In this inaugural issue of the Australian Fabians Review, Labor Leader Anthony Albanese sets out his progressive vision for the next federal government. He is joined by Andrew Leigh MP who contributes a feature essay on how to reinvigorate globalisation in the post-COVID age, and it includes a critique of mainstream economics’ response to Modern Monetary Theory, by Lachlan McCall, economist and convenor of the ACT Fabians.


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