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We promote debate, encourage research, and publish commentary, into political ideas and public policy reform. We host regular policy forums, conferences, dinners, and networking events with high profile guest speakers. 

The Australian Fabians are committed to: 

  • A fairer and more sustainable Australia.

  • Promoting progressive values in the community.

  • Developing solutions to the biggest policy challenges of today. 

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  • Latest from the blog

    Climate Change and Human Rights | Stephen Kiem SC

    Climate Change and Human Rights: Notes for a Keynote Address to the Terry Hampson Inaugural Dinner 2019, held by the Australian Fabians at the 66 on Ernest on Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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    The Myth of Democracy

    In this article Jeff McCracken-Hewson examines the growing disillusionment in western democratic countries with what he describes as ‘the myth of democracy’, through a critical examination of four recent books that look at democracy and its present challenges. Jeff is on the executive committee of the Victorian Fabians and has a longstanding connection with the Australian Labor movement.  He is also a member of the UK Labour Party and currently divides his time between Australia and the UK.
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