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31 January, 2024

Fabian Review edition 6 out now

Delve into 2023 — from climate change and indigenous rights to the impact of AI and global conflicts—through a lens of critical analysis and social justice.

Edition 6 of the Australian Fabians Review, confronts the year's cacophony, where themes of environmental urgency clash with the discord of global strife and the dissonance of technological upheaval.

Our contributors, a vanguard of thought leaders and activists, dissect the tragic defeat of The Voice amidst the backdrop of COP28's conclusion, a narrative forms that goes beyond borders of the persistent wars in Ukraine and the conflict in Palestine. This edition does not shy away from the uncomfortable truths of rising inequality, the commodification of AI by corporate giants, and the crisis of Indigenous health, highlighted by Dr. Tracy Westerman's incisive commentary on child suicide and incarceration. Through these articles, we explore these intertwined challenges, offering a Rawlsian critique of our social contract, while daring to reimagine a future grounded in ecosocialism and biocentrism.

Join us in this journey of introspection and inspiration, as we collectively seek to understand and shape the world that awaits.

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