Essay - Living Wage | Meredith Hammat

Our recent polling shows that Australia sees a Living Wage, as the best and most effective way to address Wealth Inequality. 

Persistent, unfair and unequal distribution of income and wealth weakens us all. It creates pressure across generations, particularly for younger Australians but it also affects their relationship to other generations within families and communities.

Inequality fosters other injustices and I’ve chosen to discuss the equalising impact of a Living Wage on two other important aspects of Australian society - poverty and the unfair and unequal financial outcomes of women compared with men.

The policy of a Living Wage is one important measure in our moving towards, and to some extent returning to, being a fairer and more equal society

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Key Findings

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  • Kevin Conway
    commented 2019-05-24 17:01:58 +1000
    This is one of several essays that I have read that refers to the living wage as 60% of median average earnings. I would be interested if we could apply that analysis to the level of pension and newstart. Do we have demographers/economists out there willing to take on this task.
  • Australian Fabians
    published this page in Fabian Library 2019-05-23 19:02:40 +1000