Fabian Pamphlet 15 : Meeting the Crisis - Federal Aid for Education - Australian Fabians

Fabian Pamphlet 15 : Meeting the Crisis - Federal Aid for Education


Race Matthews
28 September 2020
Foreign Affairs
by: Race Matthews

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It is difficult to imagine a set of standards by which Australian education could be considered a success. By and large, the young people emerging from our schools are equipped to meet neither their own needs nor those of society.

Things do not have to be this way. We are not so poor that we cannot afford the sort of education our predicament demands, nor are our human resources so scanty that we would be unable to staff an adequate school system if one were established. Both these problems are a matter of seeing things in perspective, of realising that education must take a higher place among our priorities than, say, advertising. If a sum equivalent to the current annual expenditure on packaging alone were diverted to education we would soon own one of the finest school systems in the world, while the bright young men at present passing their days creating product images would serve the nation better if their undoubted energy and ability were channelled into classrooms.

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ISBN 978-0-6489526-2-6

Series: Victorian Fabian Society Pamphlets

Author: Race Mathews

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