Coach Practice - Sun 5 Feb Story of Self and Organising - Australian Fabians

Coach Practice - Sun 5 Feb Story of Self and Organising

Sunday - 05 February, 2023 - 10:30 AM

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This session on Sunday 5th February from 10:30am (WAST = 1:30pm AEDT) will last for one hour. You are asked to come along having given some thought to a Story of Self and a (real, not imagined) organisational challenge for coaching. Remember: while this is a useful brush up on Story of Self and Organising, but the main purpose is to practice coaching - so try not to come with a 'perfect' story or a challenge that is too 'easy', so that your coach and the one giving them feedback has something to work with. The format for the Story of Self Coaching will be - 3 rotations X 7 minutes each = 21 minutes (Storyteller (2minutes), Coaching (3 minutes), Time-keeper and Coaching Feedback (2 minutes)). The Organisational Coaching will be 3 rotations X 9 minutes = 27 minutes (7 minutes, challenge and coaching and 2 minutes feedback).  We'll do this once for Story of Self then again for Organisational Coaching. That will leave us with 10 minutes to debrief at the end. To RSVP please complete your details below.

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