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QLD Fabians host YL for Full Employment

Thursday - 18 February, 2021 - 06:00 PM

Online -

Queensland Fabians are delighted to invite you to our first event of 2021!

The challenges of the past year have hit employment levels hard, with a million Australians now unemployed, and many more underemployed. The political conversation for 2021 - likely a federal election year - will be #JobsJobsJobs. A growing movement of lefty economists are advocating for a focus on policies aimed at full employment, in rejection of the current NAIRU, which aims to keep a portion of the population involuntarily unemployed as a method to 'fight inflation.'

Young Labor for Full Employment are a group of over 300 YL Members across the country advocating for full employment within the ALP and encouraging the conversation on full employment policies. Join us to hear more about their work - and what exactly do we mean by full employment policy? Is it achievable? Can it help in formulating a justice based transition to a clean energy future?

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