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The Challenge of Progressive Reform

Thursday - 24 September, 2015 - 06:00 PM

The Celtic Club - Melbourne, Australia

During these three decades and more, successive Labor Governments have undertaken transformative nation building initiatives with fairness and equality as the essential values at the heart of these reforms. Medicare, accessible tertiary education, superannuation, the NBN, Gonski, the NDIS and the Fair Work Act are but some examples of ideas converted into policy action, most achieved during trying political economic circumstances. 

As the mining boom comes to an end the case for reform builds. Now is a good time as any to reflect on the challenge of reforming for greater equality. 

Please join us for a discussion that looks at the lessons learned from the Rudd/Gillard period and seeks to identify the unfinished business the future Labor Governments must address. 


  • Michael Cooney, Executive Director of the CRC and author "The Gillard Project: My Thousand Days of Despair and Hope"
  • Dennis Glover, author of "An Economy Is Not A Society - Winners and Losers in the New Australia" 

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