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WA Fabians have been active over the past few years hosting three to four events each year. The work of WA Fabians is guided by an Organising Group comprising Phil O'Donoghue (Convenor), Bronislaw Tabaczynski (Secretary), Robert Knox (Membership Officer) and other members, Keryn Anderson, Ivy Chen and Sarah Mumme. Obviously not all members are able to attend all events, and WA is a big state to cover! So as far as possible we attempt to video as many of our events as possible and these are below. If you are interested in being added to the WA Fabians email list, please email wa@fabian.org.au or call Phil, on 0417 923 029

On 14th July 2019 a guest speaker at our WA AGM was Dr Natalie Mast who spoke on the 2019 European Election and the rise of the right. Her Powerpoint slides can be viewed and downloaded here and the address can be viewed here:   

On 10 June, 2019 WA Fabians hosted, with support from CGM Communications, a 2019 Federal Election Analysis with presentations from William Bowe, ABC radio election and Crikey commentator and political blogger 'The Poll Bludger' as well as from Karen Luscombe of WA Opinion Poll. The Powerpoint charts for the Bowe presentation can be downloaded here and, for Luscombe, here. The full addresses can be view here:

On May 24, Australian Fabians published 'A Living Wage: An Essay' by WA Fabian member and Secretary UnionsWA, Meredith Hammat. That essay can be freely downloaded here: 


On 3 April we co-hosted with UnionsWA an address by Dr Jim Stanford, Director, Centre for Future Work based at The Australia Institute titled: "The Many Faces of Privatisation". That address can be viewed here:

On 11 March 2019 we co-hosted with Emily's List "Anne Summers in conversation with Anne Aly" held at the Perth Town Hall. 

On 16 December, 2018 at a forum hosted by The Australians Fabians and the The Dunstan Foundation, a Fabians pamphlet "Inclusive Growth" was launched. That included an essay co-authored by two WA Fabian members, Dr Tim Dymond and Phil O'Donoghue. That pamphlet can to read or downloaded here. Based on their essay, Tim and Phil gave an address at Perth Trades Hall on Tuesday 4 December that can be viewed here:

On 27 August, Fabian Andrew Leigh, the Federal Labor Shadow Assistant Treasurer gave an address as a Sundowner Fundraiser. This was an informal opportunity to meet Andrew, a member and active supporter of Australians Fabians.  This is video is of his address:

On 13 June 2018 we co-hosted with Senator Louise Pratt an address and Q & A with Richard Denniss of the Australia Institute based on his Quarterly Essay "Dead Right: How neo-liberalism ate itself and what comes next."  The other co-hosts included the CPSU/PSU and UnionsWA. The event can be viewed here:

Our 2018 AGM was held on Sunday 27 May.

An address by Professor Stephen Smith on Australia and the Indo Pacific held on Thursday 26 April 2018. You can view this address below.

In February 2018, Phil O'Donoghue, WA Fabians Convenor, had the following opinion piece published in The West Australian.


In November 2017, we held our first major fundraiser, a comedy/satire, "The Trial of Donald Trump".

On August 17, 2017, WA Fabian Keryn Anderson interviewed author Jamila Rizvi. This short video below are excerpts from that regarding the gender pay gap.  The full interview is available on the Australian Fabians TV Channel here.

In April 2017, following the successful election of the WA Labor Government, we hosted an address on by respected election analyst, William Bowe and WA Opinion Poll founder Karen Luscombe to track the quantitative and qualitative data on progressive voting in WA. 

In 2016, in collaboration with UnionsWA and the CPSU-CSA we brought to Perth, Amanda Tattersall who was instrumental in founding the progressive think tank, The Sydney Institute. She spoke on collaboration between unions and community organisations. The recording is below and some further details here.

In August 2016 we hosted election analyst, William Bowe who reported on the nature of progressive and conservative voting at the 2016 federal election.


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