About us

For more than half a century, the Australian Fabians have been at the forefront of research and debate into progressive political ideas and public policy reform.

Australian political life is entering a new era. There is an urgent need for searching debate and new thinking.

The Australian Fabians aim to achieve:

  • Greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity
  • Broader promotion of collective actions and public service
  • An accountable, tolerant and active democracy

The Australian Fabians:

  • Contribute to progressive political thinking by generating original ideas that reflect a higher order of thinking in order to meet the challenges of the times.
  • Contribute to a progressive political culture by disseminating these ideas and getting them into the public domain.
  • Are active movement of people who identify with, are engaged in and who encourage progressive political debate around social justice, economic and political reform.
  • Influence the ideas and policies of political parties, especially the Australian Labor Party

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What makes the Australian Fabians distinctive?

The Australian Fabians are a democratically constituted membership organisation. We provide members with the opportunity to participate in public debate, direct access to our publications and events, and the opportunity to participate fully in the decisions and actions of the organisation.

The Australian Fabians are part of an international social and intellectual movement. The UK Fabian Society been a central part of the democratic socialist, social democratic and Labour tradition throughout the 20th century in Great Britain.

The Australian Fabians have been active since 1947. The New Zealand Fabians has more recently become part of this tradition.

Because political ideas matter

Over the years, the Australian Fabians has looked to the Australian Labor Party as a Party through which social democratic principles and values can be achieved. Our relationship with Australian Labor governments is that of a ‘critical friend’. We are neither ‘on-’ nor ‘off-message’. Some of what we do may be congruent with government thinking; some not.

Good government needs new ideas and public debate. The Australian Fabians ask difficult questions – and, if necessary, propose difficult answers. Our constitution and history demand this of us. Our independence of mind is fiercely guarded.

The Australian Fabians is an independent organisation. The Australian Fabians Inc. (also known as the Australian Fabian Society) is a Not-for-profit association incorporated in Victoria, Australia.

If you want to help make new thinking happen join the Australian Fabians.

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