Membership Renewal Terms Of Service.

The Fabians have adopted this option to decrease the administrative burden of arranging renewals, and to make it easier for our members to maintain your annual membership. As you know, we are a volunteer organisation and chasing renewals is not the most popular activity. Your financial support is vital to us and the programs we undertake. So if you believe in what we are doing and want to make it easier for us to get on with our work, please select this automated renewal option.

By choosing this option, you are agreeing to have your annual Fabians membership fee charged to your credit card each year. Any changes to rates will be advised to members well in advance of renewal payments. Members can cease this arrangement at any time by written notice or by email to

Please note that new members will be charged the $5.00 first year fee, and subsequent annual fees will increase to the relevant rate for individual membership (including concessions) as of the second year.

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