Past Events

  • Australian Fabians invites you to our Winter 2019 event, a discussion panel to explore new and old Left ideas and how we can unite in hope for a fairer world.

    The theme of the discussion is: The unity of Labo(u)r is the HOPE of the world.
    Fun fact - this was the ALP slogan for many years!

    Following on from the federal election, conversations are swirling about the Future of Work in an ecomomy and society disrupted by automation as well as climate change - how can we tackle these challenges and ensure a Just Transition for everyone?

    Date: Sat 27th July 2019
    Time: 5:30pm
    Venue: Dickson Tradies

    We are excited to have our guests speakers bring their insights and ideas to share with us.

    • Jen Raynor is the author of 'Blue Collar Frayed: Working Men in Tomorrow’s Economy' in which she argues that there can be blue-collar jobs in our future economy. In fact, we can’t keep building a fair and prosperous Australia without them. This book is essential reading for anyone that wants to understand these changes.
    • Steven Hail is the author of 'Economics for Sustainable Prosperity' in which he builds the case for a permanent and inclusive job guarantee and an alternative, more realistic and more useful set of economic foundations, which could deliver the opportunity of a decent quality of life with dignity to all.
    • Frank Bongiorno is an Australian historian, academic and author. He is a Professor of History at the Australian National University, and has been head of the university's history department since 2018
  • AGM Cake and European Radical Right

    As Fabians are incorporated and governed at a national level, our WA Organising Group is somewhat liberated from formalities. However, even though this is not an election year for WA, we do need to hold an AGM. We want to make it a bit more fun and interesting than usual for an AGM. The Organising Group will provide cake, tea and coffee and one of our WA members, Natalie Mast, who focussed her PhD on the influence of institutional design upon the organisation of parties and the behavior of members in the European Parliament will give a short presentation on her ongoing observations of the rise of the radical right in Europe. While there will be a brief report, most of our activities are well documented online here. We will leave time to welcome suggestions for activities by Fabians in WA for the coming year. Please complete your details below so we can cater accordingly.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 14 July. All members are welcome. If you wish to join Fabians you can do so here or renew your membership here.

  • Climate and Environment



    This is the third of a series of interactive events to collect your and other Fabians' thoughts on three issues identified by our members as so important that they are "keeping them awake at night". Each event will be introduced by a prominent figure in the field. The ideas will be collected together as a series of "Letters to Labor" to help inform the policy agenda.

    In this event we will be discussing Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, including the social consequences of climate change and of the disruption created by adaption. We will look at the work of designing a circular economy for Victoria, and will be joined by Rob Gell AM.

    A circular economy continually seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption and gain more productive use from natural resources.

    • Resource use is minimised, and waste and pollution are avoided with good design and efficient practices, reducing environmental impacts while maintaining or increasing the value that people obtain from goods and services. Products are designed so that they are durable and can be readily repaired, reused and recycled at the end of their lives.
    • Business models encourage intense and efficient product use, like sharing products between multiple users, or supplying a product as a service that includes maintenance, repair and disposal.
    • Innovation aims to increase resource productivity bring a range of benefits including jobs, growth and social inclusion to local, regional and global economies.


    • What are the key challenges facing Victoria in achieving a circular economy?
    • What steps might be taken now to ensure community engagement and the political will to address these challenges?
    • What are the main obstacles or constraints to achieving a circular economy?
    • What would it take to ensure a viable and more sustainable lifestyle within Australian society that supports a circular economy?
    • What are the implications for government policy in mounting an effective response?


    • Name one policy you believe Labor governments at State and Federal levels should pursue to lay the foundations for a circular economy that ensures a sustainable environment?

    The results of this workshop will be fed into the Victorian government’s current policy considerations and action planning to achieve a circular economy that will minimise waste and make the most of resources.

    Each event will finish with a request to the audience for 5 or 6 people to form a team to help write up the results as a submission.


  • A WA Think Tank?

    • Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 11:00 AM
    • Room M6, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
    • 20 people are going

    This event is part of the WA Labor 2019 State Conference Fringe Program and will be held on Saturday 24th August from 10:30 am.  In addition to completing your details below, please note an additional registration for members of WA Labor is required here online.  Non-members of WA Labor are welcome but need to be sponsored as observers by a member of WA Labor. If you wish to be sponsored please also email Rob Knox here.

    Australia has a number of progressive think tanks, including the Evatt Foundation, the McKell Foundation, Per Capita, Australian Fabians, The Dunstan Foundation, The Whitlam Institute. Is there a need for a uniquely West Australian think tank?  If so, how might this differ from models elsewhere? How might we make one happen?


    Dr Sally Talbot, MLC, is a past Board Member of the Evatt Foundation and past President and Assistant State Secretary for WA Labor. She has previously worked as a philosophy academic at Murdoch University and has wide-ranging research and policy interests.


    Philip O'Donoghue is WA Convener of Australian Fabians. He previously worked as Deputy Director of the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) and as National Coordinator Collaborations with the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.


  • Drinks with John Falzon

  • Fabians National AGM 2019

    The National Annual General Meeting to be held in CANBERRA on Saturday the 27th of July 2019. (For those who can’t make it, we propose to have the AGM live streaming on Facebook).

    Members are also advised that this is not an election year as we run 2 year terms.

    However, the Board is proposing some updates/revisions to our Constitution and these will be voted on at the AGM All current financial members 2018/19 are eligible to vote in any these changes and other special matter arising at the AGM.

    To make sure your vote counts I have attached a proxy form, please complete and lodge as required by 21 July 2019

    Including a Panel Discussion with speakers Jen Rayner and Stephen Hall. @ 5:30 pm

    AGM Notice.
    4.30 pm, Saturday the 27th July 2019
    Quality Hotel Dickson
    Corner of Badham & Cape Streets Dickson ACT
    Malvern Star Function Room

    Proposed Agenda:
    1. Welcome: Chairman Billy Colless
    2. Apologies
    3. Ordinary Business

    a. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM (May 2018)

    b. Annual Reports for 2018

    • Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer – Financial Statements for 2018.
    • Note these reports are all available on the web site
    • Authorise the ‘2018 Public Officers’ reports to Consumer Affairs Victoria and ASI

    4. Proposed changes to the National Constitution – as circulated

    5. Special Business Any Agenda items to be considered under Special Business
    should be advised to the National Secretary by no later than 3 July 2019.

    5.30 PM Speakers Panel to discuss “The Unity of Labo(u)r is the hope of
    the world” Panel to include wonderful progressive speakers : Jen
    Rayner, Van Badham and Stephen Hall

    6.30 PM. Meeting closes – all attendees are welcome to Join us for a
    drink and or dinner for a good time & chat with fellow Fabians.
    Roger Byrne – National Secretary 27 June 2019

  • Is Democracy Dying? - John Keane



    Reports of the death of democracy may be greatly exaggerated. However, there is mounting evidence that many people are losing trust in our democratic institutions. Today people in countries we regard as non-democratic often have greater confidence in their governments to act in their interests than we do. Observers pin the blame on our out-of-touch governments, corrupt media and politicians, big corporations and a growing gap between rich and poor. More than a few disaffected citizens are meanwhile attracted to new populisms because they feel dragged down by economic dissatisfaction, broken promises, decline and injustice.


    Speaker:  John Keane


    In his talk, John Keane will survey recent trends to suggest that democracy urgently needs reimagining if it is to address the dangers and opportunities posed by current global realities. His talk will offer a radically new interpretation of the twenty-first century fate of democracy and why, despite everything, it may survive the current anti-democratic trends and remain a global ideal.

    Renowned globally for his creative thinking about democracy, John Keane has been described by the ABC as one of 'Australia's great intellectual exports'. 

    He is Professor of Politics at the University of Sydney and at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB), and Distinguished Professor at Peking University.  He is the Director and co-founder of the Sydney Democracy Network.

    Keane has contributed to The New York TimesAl Jazeera, the Times Literary SupplementThe GuardianHarper’s, the South China Morning Post and The Huffington Post.

    His latest book, The New Despotisms, on the global rise of despotism and the decline of democracy in the West, is to be published by Harvard University Press in early 2020.


    Pre-purchase tickets below, or RSVP without purchasing a ticket (pay at the door). 


  • Membership email

  • Join Richard Denniss and John Quiggin as they debate and discuss the future of work.

    Light refreshments and drinks available

    Australia's two most respected Economists, Richard Denniss from The Australia Institute and Prof John Quiggan from University of Queensland talking about the Future of Work.

    Cost of $5 for members $20 non members. Cost to cover catering. For Non-members it will also provide your first years membership of Australian Fabians.

    sold out
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