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About the Magazine

The Australian Fabians Review (or Fabian, for short) is the flagship magazine of the Australian Fabians.

Fabian is a platform for progressive voices, from prominent politicians to emerging leaders, who share original ideas for a more equal Australian future. 

Launched in 2020, the Australian Fabians Review is sent to the doors of Australian Fabians members bi-annually. As we grow our membership and resources, we envisage expanding to become a quarterly magazine.

Australian Fabians Review features original essays, interviews, letters, book reviews and fiction from a wide range of important progressive voices, from politicians, union officials, and community leaders to academics, activists and Australian icons. 

Rose Jackson Anthony Albanese M McCarthy K Rudd McManus

A small team of Australian Fabians volunteers work with our contributors, artists and graphic designers to bring our members a magazine that they can rely on for fresh ideas for Australia's future.

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Emerging Voices 

Many talented writers find it difficult to find work in settings that pay them fairly and afford them intellectual freedom. High media concentration and technological change can make this bad issue worse.

The Australian Fabians Review is proud to commission work from young and emerging voices that are critical to the future of the Australian progressive movement. With support from our membership, we've been paying our emerging voices union-rates since we started. 

As we operate on a shoestring budget, the number of emerging voices is limited. If you'd like to help us in our goal for a 50/50 split between established and emerging writers, consider sponsoring a write.

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Issue 2

Preparation of the second issue of Australian Fabians Review is now in its final stages! With over 20 contributors, Issue 2 will feature essays from a range of important voices, from Kevin Rudd, Sally McManus and Marion Scrymgour, to Bob Carr, Michelle Rowland and Michael Knight. The topics covered are also diverse, and include manufacturing policy, political language, the climate crisis, job guarantee, and Murdoch’s media empire.

Past Issues 

The Australian Fabians Review is made available to members online at the same time as print copies are sent. Over time, the magazine is also published publicly online. 

Download Issue 1 or read individual articles at this link

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