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  • 2017 Victorian Fabians Annual General Meeting

    Our annual general meeting will be held just before our first Autumn Series event.

  • Autumn series 1

    Is neoliberalism destroying social democracy?

    Autumn Series Event 1

    Neoliberalism is all about the market above all else. It promotes winners and losers, rugged individualism, self-interest, the idea that the market is magically self righting, and that 'creative destruction' is a good thing. This has led to an unequal, unhappy, precarious and restless society where trust in government is short and even democracy itself is questioned.

    How well do you understand the roots of neoliberalism? Are the tensions between market liberalism and social democracy too great to be sustained? What should we reject, and what should we keep to reshape new forms of social democracy? On the other hand, are neoliberalism and social democracy fundamentally incompatible?

    Professor Anna Yeatman is the inaugural Whitlam Institute Professorial Research Fellow. She is a political and social theorist who has published on many issues of social democracy, human rights and public policy. Her recent analysis of neoliberalism The Question for Our Times: Institutional Design for a Free Society, can be found here.

    Tim Lyons, Research Fellow at Per Capita, and former Assistant Secretary of the ACTU, knows what happens when neoliberalism affects people’s working lives. He is examining ways to rebuild and maintain the power of organised labour. He has a strong interest in the underpinnings of neoliberalism as it affects policy making.



  • Notice of national AGM

    During the day the full national board will be undertaking a planning day, so come along for the annual general meeting and meet your hard-working national representatives. Hear about the outcomes of our planning day and what we plan for the next year.

    4pm, Saturday 29 April, 2017

    Proposed Agenda:

    Welcome:  Chairman Tim Sonnreich


    Ordinary Business

    a. Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM (2016)
    b. Annual Reports

    • Chairman
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer - Financial Statements for 2013.

    c. Authorise the ‘public officers’ reports to Consumer Affairs Victoria and ASIC.
    Note Q&A will take place in respect to each of the above reports

    Future Planning

    The Chair will report on the planning day outcomes.

    Special Business

    Agenda items to be considered under Special Business should be advised to the National Secretary by no later than 21 April 2017 via:

    5.30 PM. Meeting Expected to Close

    Please feel free to join us at a bar nearby for a good time & chat with fellow Fabians.


    Please note. The elected National officers have a two-year term and no elections will be called this year. Remember that your branch AGM’s will have already elected your State / Branch representatives on the National Board.

    Roger Byrne - National Secretary 15 March 2017



  • Autumn series 2

    What do people really want from government?

    Autumn series 2

    What do people really want from government? Health, energy, housing, communications, infrastructure, income security, climate policy, education, resource management, social support.  These are constantly in the news. How do people see the relationship between themselves and their government? Should we be doing it for ourselves or should we be able to rely on our collective support of each other?

  • Autumn series 3

    Should we pursue a new "New Deal"? How to reach a new social compact

    How do we change things so that we retain what is good about a market economy and a liberal democracy without the downside for equality? Is there an alternative? What sort of relationship should the state have with the lives of the people and organisations who depend on it?