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  • Autumn series 2

    Please note: change of date to Tuesday 30 May  


    What do people really want from government?

    Tuesday 30th May, 6.00pm

    Venue: Green Room. Melbourne City Council Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St Melbourne

    Has populism changed what people expect from government? The media suggests there is a newly awakened demographic group that is responding to politics. But can we separate the explanations for populism espoused by voters and popular media outlets from real reductions in equality and access to opportunity and wealth?

    Two prominent researchers whose work revolves around determining the political direction of voters thinking give insights on what has changed and what stays the same. 

    Dr Ben Wellings of Monash University European and EU Centre is an expert on Brexit and the politics of nationalism and Euroscepticism in contemporary Europe. He will give a perspective on political reactions in the Anglosphere and Europe to the rise of the right and new demands on governments for forms of action they are unused to taking. To get a taste of his thinking, you could listen to this ABC podcast


     Peter Lewis is the CEO of Essential Media. Peter is well placed to provide an insight into what Australians want from Government and whether the rise of populism in Australia is truly as it is portrayed in the media. He provides regular public and media commentary on key issues, especially around the insights from the Essential Poll.  

  • Autumn series 3

    Should we pursue a new "New Deal"? How to reach a new social compact

    How do we change things so that we retain what is good about a market economy and a liberal democracy without the downside for equality? Is there an alternative? What sort of relationship should the state have with the lives of the people and organisations who depend on it?