Queensland Member Assembly

The Australian Fabians ( Qld) is an organisation where every member’s view is important.
For this reason, it is important that you all contribute to the ideas of our progressive political movement and give direction to your committee on how you wish the organisation to proceed over the next year.

We will be holding a Member Assembly focused on planning on April 28th.

This will be your opportunity to tell the committee what topics you want discussed; what speakers you want to hear and how you would wish us to communicate with you over the year ahead. We would appreciate if as many members as possible can attend.

We have some ideas for you to consider. One is “Thee Future of Work”. This toipic has become increasingly relevant of late with Sally McManus’s call to arms over the growing casualisation and contract nature of our workforce. Another idea is a Policy Slam where we get a couple of State Ministers, perhaps even the Premier or Deputy Premier in the room and a number of members selected at random, get the opportunity to pitch a policy idea to our Parliamentary representatives and gain their feedback.

These are just ideas and how and if we put them into action are up to you.

We will look to link in regional members on a Live Link.

In equality and equity

Billy Colless
Queensland Chair


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