Past Events

  • 2016 C.E. Martin Memorial Dinner - SOLD OUT

    • Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 06:00 PM
    • The Apprentice in Ultimo, Australia
    • $90.00 AUD

    The NSW Fabians are proud to host its 4th annual C.E. Martin Memorial Dinner on Thursday 24th November.

    The dinner is named in honour of the first President of the NSW Fabian Society, Clarence Edward Martin, the longest serving Attorney-General in New South Wales history. 

    Our keynote speaker will be Professor Anna Yeatman.

    Anna Yeatman is a Professorial Research Fellow in the Whitlam Institute at the University of Western Sydney where she is responsible for the program 'human rights and public life'.

    It will be a great opportunity to share a night among friends and fellow members and support the work the NSW Fabians have done over the past year.

    Last year’s dinner sold out so please get in early.

    Includes: A three course meal plus three beverages & unlimited soft drinks (additional drinks available for purchase but please note that venue does not accept cash)

    Earlybird Price: Members/concession $90, non-members $100, solidarity $120 (Members/concession $100, non-members $110 after October 1)

    sold out
  • Corbyn, Brexit and what comes next: Paul Mason in conversation

    The NSW Fabians are proud to host Paul Mason in conversation.

    Join us for what should be a fascinating discussion about Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, the rise of the far right and the economic road ahead.

    Paul Mason is a writer and broadcaster on economics and social justice. He is a regular columnist for The Guardian and notable commentator on the future of the Left. His most recent book is 'PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future'.

  • He Won: Progressive Politics in the Age of Trump

    Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential elections has sent a shock wave around the world. As the US grapples with a president who's election promises drew comparisons with fascism, the rest of the world is seeing a rise in support for populist right-wing causes such as Brexit, Front National and our own One Nation. What does Donald Trump's victory mean for the Left? What should the priorities of Australian progressives be in the wake of his victory? How can Australian progressives counter the rise of populist right-wing politics?

    Join our panel as we discuss the future of progressive politics in the age of Trump.



    Tim Ayres – NSW Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

    Andrew Charlton – former senior economic adviser to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

    Miya Tokumitsu – lecturer in Art History at Melbourne University and contributing editor at Jacobin magazine


    When: 6pm, Wednesday 8th February

    Where: Level 7, 191-199 Thomas Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000

  • 2017 NSW Fabians AGM

    The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the NSW Fabians will be held on Tuesday 4th April at 6pm.

    The venue for the AGM will be the Jubilee Room, NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

    This will be followed by a speech from NSW Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park MP on Labor's ambitions for NSW at 6:30pm.

  • Queensland Fabians AGM

    The Queensland Fabians AGM is to be held on the 16th November 2016 at 7.00pm at United Voice - 27 Peel St, South Brisbane

    Please find the following AGM documents below:

    1.       Notice of AGM

    2.       Nomination Form

    3.       Proxy form

    4.       Position Descriptions / Roles & Responsibilities Document

    Only current 2016 financial members can nominate for positions on the Branch Executive.

  • Victorian Fabians Planning Day

    We know that Fabians love an intellectual discussion so we want to extend this by inviting you to contribute your ideas to our 2017 calendar of events.

    This year, on March 8, we are holding a preliminary membership consultation event prior to setting our calendar of events for this year.

    The event will give you a great opportunity to consider the most important long-term issues and trends affecting equality for discussion this year.

    So put March 8 in your calendar. We will advise you of the venue soon.

    Please RSVP as soon as possible.


  • Victorian Fabians Annual Dinner

    Cost: Fabian Members/Concessions $65, Non-Fabian Members $75

    The Victorian Fabians are proud to host our annual dinner on Wednesday 30th November.
    Our guest speaker will be George Megalogenis, journalist, political commentator and author.
    It will be a great opportunity to share a night among friends and fellow members and support the work of the Victorian Fabians.
    Tickets can be booked here

  • Interactive policy workshops - skills and knowledge

    As preparation for a submission to the ALP Policy Platform review, we are planning three interactive workshops using an electronic meeting system to capture comments (Zing):

    • Skills and knowledge  - February 15
    • Health and wellbeing  - March 15
    • Jobs and economy     -  April 19

    Each workshop will run from 6.00 pm  till 8.00 pm at the Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne directly opposite the Victoria Market.
    Colin Brooks Chair of the ALP Policy Platform review committee will open the first session and brief us on the workings of the committee.
    Gabrielle Williams, Parliamentary Secretary for Health will introduce the Health and Wellbeing session, and
    Shuan Leane, Parliamentary Secretary for infrastructure for the session on Jobs and Economy.
    The main emphasis in these workshops will be on strategic trajectory. What sort of society will reflect these key areas in 2030 and what policy initiatives need to be in the pipeline over the next decade to ensure we get there?

    The opening question in each instance will be along these lines.

    Workshop One: skills and knowledge – Feb 15

    • What relevant factors do we now need to consider since the skills and knowledge platform was devised in 2014?
    • What skills and knowledge will likely form the basis of a fair, equitable and productive society in Australia by 2030?
    • What policy directions or initiatives with regards to skills and knowledge would need to be in place in the short and medium terms to ensure that we can achieve that result into the future?
    • What elements of the ALP policy platform may need to be reviewed in the light of this discussion and how?

    It is essential to reserve your place so we can determine venue requirements. Please RSVP as soon as possible.

  • Interactive policy workshops - health and wellbeing

    Health and Wellbeing

    Gabrielle Williams, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, will introduce the health and wellbeing session. In the two hours available our intention is not to edit the existing policy statement, but rather to identify some key operating principles on which the Review Committee can identify a relevant agenda for health and wellbeing at all levels within the state.

    Some possible thought starters:

    1. It's now 2030 what are the main issues that are a challenge to each individual’s health condition and sense of wellbeing?
      • The effects of synthetics, chemicals and artificial factors in food, environment and surrounds as well as rogue, uncertified treatment procedures.
      • Use of 'designer' drugs to handle stress, anxiety, depression and for recreation.
      • The crippling costs of current day medication and medical procedures.
      • Maintaining dental health and accessing available treatment.
    2. What underlying principles should form the basis for public policy settings that ensure fair and equitable policies regarding health and personal wellbeing in Australian society leading up to 2030?
      • Social inclusion - Religious, cultural and socio-economic factors
      • Equity - Universal access and means testing issues
      • Metrics and support for ANDI, Australia's own wellbeing index system.
    3. What enlightened and/or disruptive policy initiatives could form the basis for a society enjoying universal health and wellbeing?
      • The role and scope of preventative interventions by the state
      • Preventative genetic and genome scanning and treatment
      • Stem cell engineering and bio-mechanical solutions
    4. What specific recommendations would set the scene for a fair and equitable health and wellbeing policy platform that takes into account those issues likely to come down the track.

    It is essential to reserve your place so we can determine venue requirements.

  • Victorian Fabians: Spring Forums on the Future of Work

    Event 4: The past and future of work

    Greg Vines, the International Labour Organization's Deputy Director-General for Management & Reform, will speak on the ILO's "Century Project" to illuminate the history of work over the last 100 years and look forward to work futures.

    Max Ogden will speak on the NZ Future of Work Commission and the role of trade unions in a new work future.