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Your membership helps us to fund getting the best speakers and thinkers to our events, it helps us put out our publications, and especially it ensures our combined voice continues to be heard. By becoming a member, you can add your voice to Australia’s most established progressive force.

Every new member makes our organisation stronger and your membership will help us expand our progressive movement and play a central role in creating a new generation of informed political activists and leaders.

Fabian members work to make Australia a fairer, healthier and more livable place.

Our nation’s quality of life is largely due to the often unseen work of concerned members contributing their ideas and voices to progressive policy. As an Australian Fabians member, you have access to Fabian events, online publications, online events, and other initiatives.

Welcome once again to the Australian Fabians, I’m excited you are on board 

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Member Benefits: 

• Access to Fabian TV and podcasts of our member-only interviews and content.
• Discounts tickets and priority access to Fabian Events & seminars.
• Discount Tickets and priority access to Annual State Fabian Dinners
• Access to all Fabian Pamphlets and publications.
• Select access to UK Fabian Publications and Pamphlets.
• Access to the meetings of State Fabian Branches in every corner of the country.
• The ability to vote at Fabian general meetings
• The right to nominate and vote for members of our State Branch Boards and National Executive
• Ability to have a greater say in the direction of Fabian activities.
• Participation in Member-only online forums to develop progressive policy.

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