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$3,255.00 raised
GOAL: $3,500.00

Medicare: the original idea, reproduced

1971 - the Australian Fabians, gave a platform to Bill Hayden MLH to launch the big idea of universal healthcare. 

The plan went on to be introduced in 1975 by the Whitlam Government as Medibank.

It was cut back by Liberals to only paying customers only in 1976, Only to be reintroduced in 1984 by Hawke as Medicare.

in 2019 we are reproducing the Fabian pamphlet that started the debate and nation-changing reforms, which have made the lives of the many healthier and better.

Can you help reach our goal, to reproduce this Pamphlet, everyone who donates will receive their very own copy in the mail. 


Who's donating

Charlie Joyce
Adam Clarke
Ian Taylor
Gail Harper
Anne Tugliach
John Sherborne
Sandra Nelson
Meredith Kefford
Paula Ridler
Heather Chong
Gordon Hastie
marj Munro
John Barnes
Declan Murphy
Giles Hohnen
John Skerratt
Lucy Stanton
Claire Moore
Patrick Cook
Hamish Wood
Nicola Parin
Brenton Higgins
Tim Sonnreich
Kay Matthiesson
Leigh Edmonds
Daniel Slavin
Vivienne Doonar
Belinda Nemec
Roger Byrne