The Reforming Centre of Australian Politics

Author: Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia. He delivered the 2008 Gough Whitlam Lecture at the University of Sydney Continue reading

Trade Unions and the ALP

Author: Mark Aarons is an Australian journalist and author. He was a political adviser to NSW Premier Bob Carr. Continue reading

Union Control of the ALP: Separating Myth from Reality

Author: Doug Cameron is Senator elect for New South Wales Continue reading

Australia's Water Crisis

Author: Wayne Chamley works for the Watermark Australia Project, a community-based strategy for public engagement on water Continue reading

Labor Going Global

2007 Chifley Lecture, Lindsay Tanner MP, Shadow Minister for Finance Continue reading

Why does politics matter?

Author: Dr Geoff Gallop was Premier of Western Australia from 2001-2006 Continue reading

Multiculturalism - rumours of its demise greatly exaggerated

Author: Laurie Ferguson MP is Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Urban Development and Consumer Affairs Continue reading

Once in a Generation Opportunity

Author: Bob McMullan MP is the Shadow Minister for Federal-State Relations Continue reading

31st Annual AFS Remembrance Day Dinner

Author: Jon Stanhope is Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory Continue reading

Building an alliance to save Medibank Private

Author: Stephen Jones is the National Secretary of the Community and Public Sector Union Continue reading