C.E. Martin Memorial Dinner

Author: Senator the Hon John Faulkner served as a Minister in the Hawke, Keating and Rudd Governments. He is a former ALP National President and former NSW Fabians President.   Continue reading

The rise of anti-politics

Author: Elle Hardy is a freelance writer with an interest in democracy, censorship, liberalism, and foreign policy. Continue reading

Where does equality fit in the social democratic agenda?

Author: Senator the Hon Penny Wong is the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Continue reading

What Is Labor's Objective?

Author: Jenny McAllister is the National President of the Australian Labor Party   Continue reading

Reforming the ALP

Author: Andrew Giles is the Labor MP for Scullin Continue reading

Re-engaging union members with our labour political project

Author: Bob Nanva is the National Secretary of the Rail, Tram and Bus Union Continue reading

Paradox: Dependence and Independence

Author: Trevor Cook was awarded a doctorate by the University of Sydney in 2012. His thesis was on the changing relationship between the ALP and unions with emphasis on the journey from the Accord to Your Rights at Work.   Continue reading

What next for Labor?

Author: John Graham is the Assistant General Secretary of the New South Wales Labor Party Continue reading

Interview with Maurice Glasman

Interview with Lord Maurice Glasman by Chris Garvin, Young Fabians Director. Listen to the podcast here.  Continue reading

Labor and the Greens in Australian Politics

Author: Kelvin Thomson MP is Member for Wills Continue reading