Could Chifley win preselection today?

Author: Rodney Cavalier is a Labor historian, a former NSW Labor minister and edits a political newsletter. Continue reading

Could Chifley win preselection today?

Author: Tim Gartrell is the National Secretary of the Australian Labor Party Continue reading

Better Public Transport and How It Can Be Made to Happen

Author: Carlo Carli is the Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Continue reading

Free Markets and Medical Software: An Analysis

Author: Dr Ken Harvey is a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University Continue reading

The Work/Family Debate: Working for or against Gender Equality?

Author: Pru Goward is the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Continue reading

Universities: The Governance Trap And What To Do About It

Author: Margaret Thornton is Professor of Law at the Australian National University Continue reading

Creative Cities

Author: Mary Delahunty is the Victorian Planning Minister Continue reading

Modern Labor: A Tradition of Change

Author: Mark Latham is Federal Leader of the Opposition. This address was delivered to the Australian Fabian Society Rememberance Day Dinner, 19 November 2004, Melbourne. Continue reading

Taxing Federalism: The Australian Federation in its Second Century

Author: The Hon David Hamill served as Treasurer in the Beattie Government Continue reading

The Loss of Democracy in Tasmania

Richard Flanagan, Lindsay Tuffin and Peter Hay Continue reading