Better Public Transport and How It Can Be Made to Happen

Author: Carlo Carli is the Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Continue reading

Free Markets and Medical Software: An Analysis

Author: Dr Ken Harvey is a Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University Continue reading

The Work/Family Debate: Working for or against Gender Equality?

Author: Pru Goward is the Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Continue reading

Universities: The Governance Trap And What To Do About It

Author: Margaret Thornton is Professor of Law at the Australian National University Continue reading

Creative Cities

Author: Mary Delahunty is the Victorian Planning Minister Continue reading

Modern Labor: A Tradition of Change

Author: Mark Latham is Federal Leader of the Opposition. This address was delivered to the Australian Fabian Society Rememberance Day Dinner, 19 November 2004, Melbourne. Continue reading

Taxing Federalism: The Australian Federation in its Second Century

Author: The Hon David Hamill served as Treasurer in the Beattie Government Continue reading

The Loss of Democracy in Tasmania

Richard Flanagan, Lindsay Tuffin and Peter Hay Continue reading

Diversifying the ABC

Author: Tony Moore is Commissioning Editor of Pluto Press and currently completing a University of Sydney doctorate in Australian cultural history. He was member of the ABC National Advisory Council between 1986 and 1988 and a program maker in ABC Television from 1988 to 1997, working in documentaries and current affairs) Continue reading

Future Broadcasting

Author: The Hon. Lindsay Tanner, MP, Shadow Minister for Communications. This addressed was delivered as part of the Autumn Lectures Series, 5 April 2004. Continue reading