Join our National Board

We are looking for a hard working volunteers join our National Board. It’s an exciting opportunity to contribute to the Australian Fabians governance and assist with our future strategic directions. We are looking for strategic thinkers with experience in leading community organisations and a strong alignment to the Australian Fabians mission and values. The Australian Fabians is a Nation Wide organisation, and are seeking new directors, who live in Australia. Continue reading

Letter to Labor - Job Insecurity & the Precariousness of Work

This is the first of three 'Letters to Labor' to be developed by Victorian Fabians as a result of a series of interactive events designed to collect Fabians' thoughts on three major issues identified by our members as 'keeping them awake at night'. The ideas from each event are collected together into a 'Letter to Labor' to help inform the policy agenda. The first event, from which this letter is derived, discussed job insecurity and the precariousness of work. Copies of the letter have been forwarded to the opposition leader (Anthony Albanese), the Shadow Treasurer (Dr Jim Chalmers), and the Shadow Minister for the Future of Work (Clare O’Neill). Special thanks goes to Max Dumais, our 'Zing Master', for running these events. Continue reading

Essay - Living Wage | Meredith Hammat

Our recent polling shows that Australia sees a Living Wage, as the best and most effective way to address Wealth Inequality.  Persistent, unfair and unequal distribution of income and wealth weakens us all. It creates pressure across generations, particularly for younger Australians but it also affects their relationship to other generations within families and communities. Inequality fosters other injustices and I’ve chosen to discuss the equalising impact of a Living Wage on two other important aspects of Australian society - poverty and the unfair and unequal financial outcomes of women compared with men. The policy of a Living Wage is one important measure in our moving towards, and to some extent returning to, being a fairer and more equal society

The Transformative Potential of New Zealand’s Well-Being Economics

New Zealand's Labour Finance Minister has deemed his government's upcoming 2019 budget to be New Zealand’s first ‘Well-Being Budget’, based on data and goals set through their ‘Living Standards Framework’. Charlie Joyce here argues that such a well-being budget is an example of social democratic theory in practice, and advocates the adoption of such a model and standards by a future Shorten-led Australian Labor Government, with its emphasis on 'Well-Being Economics'. Charlie is a member of the Victorian Labor Party and is on the executive of the Victorian Fabians.   Continue reading

The Truth about Money - Jeff McCracken-Hewson (April 2019)

Jeff McCracken-Hewson examines the role money plays in society and what it actually represents. He argues that reintroducing 'real money' and 'real people' into our world view is essential to correcting the mistakes of neoliberalism and classical economic thought. Jeff is on the executive committee of the Victorian Fabians and has a longstanding connection with the Australian Labor movement. He is also a member of the UK Labour Party and currently divides his time between Australia and the UK. Continue reading

Proposed Rule Changes: Membership

The national membership secretary, is proposing rule changes to modernise our membership joining processes. Changes to your Constitution may only be conducted at an AGM of the membership as a whole. The debate for such changes is now open and will be open three months from today.  The Australian Fabians Inc. (AFI) is a Not-For-Profit, democratically constituted, Australia-wide member based Association, incorporated in Victoria. You can view the Association’s Constitution (Rules) at here. Continue reading

Climate Change and Human Rights | Stephen Kiem SC

Climate Change and Human Rights: Notes for a Keynote Address to the Terry Hampson Inaugural Dinner 2019, held by the Australian Fabians at the 66 on Ernest on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 Continue reading

The Myth of Democracy

In this article Jeff McCracken-Hewson examines the growing disillusionment in western democratic countries with what he describes as ‘the myth of democracy’, through a critical examination of four recent books that look at democracy and its present challenges. Jeff is on the executive committee of the Victorian Fabians and has a longstanding connection with the Australian Labor movement.  He is also a member of the UK Labour Party and currently divides his time between Australia and the UK. Continue reading

We are looking for a new Fabian Editor

Do you have a flair for publications and content management, and enjoy ensuring that progressive ideas reach people? The Australian Fabians are looking for a new Editor with a commitment to our Fabians aims. Continue reading

Corbyn. Could it happen here?

Jeff McCracken-Hewson reflects on his own experience of the democratic reform process in the UK Labour Party and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. This is in part a response to Mark Butler's address on the need for 'Democratisation of the ALP' at our event in January, in which Mark drew comparisons with UK Labour. Jeff joined the executive of Victorian Fabians earlier this year. He is a member of the UK Labour Party and has a longstanding connection with the Australian Labor movement. He currently divides his time between Australia and the UK.   Continue reading