Proposed Rule Changes: Membership

The national membership secretary, is proposing rule changes to modernise our membership joining processes. Changes to your Constitution may only be conducted at an AGM of the membership as a whole. The debate for such changes is now open and will be open three months from today.  The Australian Fabians Inc. (AFI) is a Not-For-Profit, democratically constituted, Australia-wide member based Association, incorporated in Victoria. You can view the Association’s Constitution (Rules) at here. Continue reading

Climate Change and Human Rights | Stephen Kiem SC

Climate Change and Human Rights: Notes for a Keynote Address to the Terry Hampson Inaugural Dinner 2019, held by the Australian Fabians at the 66 on Ernest on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 Continue reading

The Myth of Democracy

In this article Jeff McCracken-Hewson examines the growing disillusionment in western democratic countries with what he describes as ‘the myth of democracy’, through a critical examination of four recent books that look at democracy and its present challenges. Jeff is on the executive committee of the Victorian Fabians and has a longstanding connection with the Australian Labor movement.  He is also a member of the UK Labour Party and currently divides his time between Australia and the UK. Continue reading

We are looking for a new Fabian Editor

Do you have a flair for publications and content management, and enjoy ensuring that progressive ideas reach people? The Australian Fabians are looking for a new Editor with a commitment to our Fabians aims. Continue reading

Corbyn. Could it happen here?

Jeff McCracken-Hewson reflects on his own experience of the democratic reform process in the UK Labour Party and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn. This is in part a response to Mark Butler's address on the need for 'Democratisation of the ALP' at our event in January, in which Mark drew comparisons with UK Labour. Jeff joined the executive of Victorian Fabians earlier this year. He is a member of the UK Labour Party and has a longstanding connection with the Australian Labor movement. He currently divides his time between Australia and the UK.   Continue reading

Eva Cox: Why I agreed to be the Fabians’ National Patron

I think we need the Fabians to advocate for the social policies that are missing from current party agendas. We need influence options that recognise that we are citizens, wanting a social contract, not customers looking for a bargain, in societies not economies. Hopefully, we can reduce the trust deficit by letting voters see their political representatives as creating more civil societies.     Continue reading

Fabian Networks

Volunteerism is a key component of Australian Fabians efforts, the success of your Fabian organisation, depends on the activity members from within. Continue reading

Grasping the Nettle on Democratisation of the ALP

Author: Mark Butler is ALP National President and the Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy On Monday 22 January, Mark spoke to more than 200 people in Melbourne about the key unresolved issue of internal Labor democracy. The event was hosted by the Victorian Fabians, the John Cain Foundation, Open Labor and ALP Independents Group. Mark's speech appears below. We have included links to follow-up articles about the event and also a link to the speech on Fabians TV. Paul Bongiorno's political analysis on Fran Kelly's Breakfast program here. It begins at the two minute mark. The Guardian. The Australian. The Sydney Morning Herald. Twitter. Challenge magazine. Fabians TV Mark's speech. Question and Answer session. Continue reading

Podcast: Tax Settings and Inequality

Join us live from our recent event Tax Settings and Inequality in Melbourne with Andrew Giles MP and Terri Buttler MP. Listen to the podcast: Android and Windows: Listen to on Opinion Iphone: Itunes Store  

Political philosophy in action

Author: Michael Daley is NSW Deputy Labor leader, Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, and Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing.   Continue reading