How can Digitisation Benefit Democracy and Equality?



This is the third forum of Victorian Fabians' Spring Series on "Digitisation and Democracy"

SPEAKERS: Marta Poblet; Adam Jacoby; Simon Longstaff


The advent of new digital platforms that have the capacity to increase the interaction between citizens and their representatives are expanding as the potential of peer communication, and crowd evaluation is explored.

With the right design, this has huge potential to broaden the depth of political dialogue and extend and equalise democratic expression. 

How could digitisation encourage deliberation, spread power and bolster knowledge to enhance democracy?


Marta Poblet researches "crowd - civic systems", those apps and webpages that are used by citizens, grass-root organisations, foundations, NGOs, research centres, and start-ups to enhance democracy and citizen participation. She believes that we should understand what model of democracy each of these are advancing.

Adam Jacoby is the founder of startup democracy platform "MiVote" which is intended to provide a forum for both informing voting and for influencing the political process.

Simon Longstaff is Executive Director of The Ethics Centre and author of Everyday Ethics. He has a concern with the ethics of big data and its effects on democracy and equality.


  • October 25, 2017 at 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Melbourne Multicultural Hub
    506 Elizabeth St
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000
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