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    Good morning,

    With the recent discussion around a well-being budget by federal Labor, now is an excellent time to examine the way governments and societies measure progress, and how these methods of gauging growth impact on public policy.

    In particular, the deficiencies of GDP as a means of determining the health of a society – ignoring unpaid and volunteer work, assessing contribution purely on income, and including sectors such offer no value to communities – are ripe for discussion.

    These matters have been covered over the past decade, notably by public figures such as Thomas Piketty and Rutger Bregman, but there is room to revisit now that some political parties and think tanks are offering alternatives to the GDP. Much of the writing on these issues has also been Europe or American-focused, and there is a great opportunity to apply these ideas to Australia to stimulate further discussion.

    I’m a current Fabians member, former journalist for Fairfax Rural Press and hold graduate qualifications in commerce, politics and policy and would like to research and prepare an article for your use – please let me know what article length you would like, format for submission, and point me in the direction of your style guide (if any).

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    Q: What theme would you most like to see an edition of the new Quarterly Review focus on?
    A: Equality

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    You’ll see ten options below. We’ve deliberately kept them fairly broad to allow our writers plenty of scope for interpretation. We invite you to help us out by choosing the one you would most like to see the new magazine focus on in its first year.

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