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  • published Issue 2 - Fabian Review 2021-10-13 10:24:35 +1100

    Issue 2 - Fabian RevieCan you take a few seconds to let us know what you thought about Issue 2 of the Fabian Review??w

    After Issue 1, we asked you for feedback. What you told us assisted greatly in guiding our efforts to make the significant improvements we've seen with Issue 2. We are committed to continuing that momentum and to making future issues even better. To that end, we invite you to once again provide us with feedback.

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    Volunteer for the Review.

    There is a lot of work to be done, so if you have any skills or interests in the below areas and want to be involved in producing the magazine, we want to hear from you!

    Everyone is welcome on our team; we are eager to make it diverse as possible, to reflect the diversity of the Australian Fabians--we strongly encourage women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, LGBTI people, and Fabians from all backgrounds to reach out to us!

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    Editor - Fabian Ideas

    Writer, translator, lecturer and political historian Paul Sandringham is passionate about the power of the written word to touch people's imaginations and transform society.

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  • published EOI - New Editor - Fabian Ideas in Fabian News 2021-05-05 14:48:49 +1000

    EOI - New Editor - Fabian Ideas

    Do you have a flair for publications and content management, and enjoy ensuring that progressive ideas reach people?

    The Australian Fabians are looking for a new Editor – Fabian Ideas, to produce and build our publication focus.

    The Editor will be responsible for building the publication reach, brand and online capacity of the Australian Fabians.

    The role is voluntary but does come with a budget to achieve and move the political debate in the country.

    The Editor will work closely with the National Chair and Secretary, as well as the National Board and elected officers.

    The Editor will convene and establish our Fabian Ideas – Editorial Committee.

    The position will have responsibility for developing high quality publications and communications, producing engaging content for members and supporters - including memes, online articles, essays and publications for the Fabians across Australia. 

    The Role will:

    • Responsible for building and implementing our publication strategy
    • Provide National Leadership on our publication process, and support branches and the organisation to produce publications.
    • Oversee our Equality E-Newsletter, Pamphlet and Essay and Online Article Production.
    • Establish a National Publications Committee, to ensure members are the heart of what we do.
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    • Work with our Editor of the Fabian Review to coordinate and support projects
    • Develop a proactive plan for producing Fabian Publications.

    Skills for this Role:

    • Outstanding written communication skills.
    • Experience using Nation Builder or similar
    • Understanding of the practical application of copyright, royalty, defamation, and privacy laws and guidelines.
    • Persuasive writing/editing skills and attention to detail with an ability to write for, and relate to, a diverse range of audiences.
    • Ability to create quality content, including feature articles, professional articles, news stories, profile pieces, editorial comment, emails and blog posts.
    • Ability to work well in a team environment and with our movement of members.
    • Good judgement and a sense of humour.

    Express an Interest:

    Submit your EOI on the below form.

    Applicants Must be a member of our organisation. 

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  • Fabian Monograph: An industrial policy for Australia: Economic and social priorities in a post-neoliberal and post-coronavirus era

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    The onset of the current pandemic has highlighted some structural problems that have been evident in the Australian economy for many years, but the trauma that the virus has induced also gives us the opportunity to rethink a number of formerly entrenched policy directions. Hopefully some inflexible ideological positions on future economic strategies have been loosened, but it is not clear for how long. The central role that Federal and State Governments are now playing to support the economy, I argue, should be continued into the rebuilding phase that will inevitably follow the current emergency.

    In particular, a bold and imaginative industrial policy should be developed to guide the economy and the wider society into a new and more productive era. The rapid growth of a number of nations in East Asia has demonstrated the capacity of industrial policy to create rapid economic and social transformations, and similar approaches are now being followed in Europe, and in a more limited way too, in the United States. This overseas experience is evaluated in some detail and the lessons that can be learned are noted. Faced with the key issues of climate change and growing levels of inequality, as well as the inevitability that in future we will be facing an increased incidence of instability and crises of various kinds, there is much here for Australia to ponder, and I review some earlier industrial policy initiatives in this country and suggest ways in which these may be revived. The fostering of innovation will be a key ingredient here, and success will depend upon the constructive reform of the universities and other research institutes, and the strengthening of the entire education and training system to meet the demands of the new digital economy.

    The growing percentage of jobs that are precarious in various ways also presents a particular challenge, but the future of the Australian economy and society – and perhaps even the future degree of social stability – will depend on our ability to create large numbers of good, well-paid and secure jobs. A revival and expansion of the manufacturing sector can play a major role here. The digital revolution offers serious challenges as does the development of more sustainable and low emission industries, but recent studies have suggested ways in which the transformation to a renewable future can in fact create more good jobs and allow the development of some important new industries. It is argued that we need to create a new organisation to oversee and develop a new approach using industrial policies, to harness government efforts and develop new forms of collaboration with the private sector.

    Throughout the paper I argue that it will be essential to recognise that government needs to play a central role in planning, steering and coordinating new initiatives, and this will mean abandoning the discredited tenets of neoliberalism as we move to a future in which it will be more possible to use thoughtful economic policy, as Keynes put it, for us “to live wisely, agreeably and well”.

    An industrial policy for Australia: Economic and social priorities  in a post-neoliberal and post-coronavirus era | John McKay

    Copyright © 2021 Australian Fabian Society

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without prior permission in writing of the Australian Fabians or as expressly permitted by law, by license, or under terms agreed with the Australian Fabians.

    Disclaimer: Views expressed by individual contributors to this publication are not necessarily endorsed by the Australian Fabians Inc.

    Author: John McKay

    Title: An industrial policy for Australia: Economic and social priorities in a post-neoliberal and post-coronavirus era

    Series: Fabian monograph

    Publisher:  Australian Fabian Society

    Place: Melbourne, Victoria

    Date: 2021

    ISBN: 978-0-6489526-9-5

    Printed by: lulu

    Design: Céline Lawrence

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  • published Leaders Training 2020-10-14 08:31:58 +1100

    Leaders Training

    As mentioned earlier in the year we are going to hold a number of training sessions for all of our wonderful Fabian Leaders we hope to transfer some skills, but importantly come together for some training and to brainstorm solutions to shared challenges.

    We'll run these together Weekly on Mondays between the 28th of October - 14th of December 2019, tackling different issues and training as needed! 

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  • Fabian Pamphlet 15 : Meeting the Crisis - Federal Aid for Education

    About the Publication:

    It is difficult to imagine a set of standards by which Australian education could be considered a success. By and large, the young people emerging from our schools are equipped to meet neither their own needs nor those of society.

    Things do not have to be this way. We are not so poor that we cannot afford the sort of education our predicament demands, nor are our human resources so scanty that we would be unable to staff an adequate school system if one were established. Both these problems are a matter of seeing things in perspective, of realising that education must take a higher place among our priorities than, say, advertising. If a sum equivalent to the current annual expenditure on packaging alone were diverted to education we would soon own one of the finest school systems in the world, while the bright young men at present passing their days creating product images would serve the nation better if their undoubted energy and ability were channelled into classrooms.

    Publication Information:

    ISBN 978-0-6489526-2-6

    Series: Victorian Fabian Society Pamphlets

    Author: Race Mathews

    Year: 1967BUY A COPY

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    Write, Record or Contribute to the discussion

    We welcome pitches for articles, pamphlets, reports or podcasts for the Fabian publications and our website. If you have an idea for an article, please post a short pitch below and our editor will be in contact.


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    Contact Us

    Contact Information

    For general enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

    Membership enquiries please contact Kevin Conway on [email protected]

    Writing for the Fabians please contact Zann Maxwell and Paul Sandingham on [email protected]


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