Australian Fabians Review - Issue 1

Available Online - Australian Fabians Review - Issue 1

Australian Fabians Review

29 March 2021
Australian Fabians Review
Issue 1

Publication Information:

ISSN: 2652-9076-01

Series: Australian Fabians Review - Issue 1 

Year: 2020

Authors: Anthony Albanese; Anne Aly; Chris Bowen; Rose Jackson; Andrew Leigh; Lachlan McCall; Malarndirri McCarthy; Kim Williams

Copyright © 2020 Australian Fabians Society



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Editor: Zann Maxwell

Editorial Board: Bryce Craig; Andrew Hall; Zann Maxwell; Daniel Richardson-Clark; Dale Straughen

Graphic Designer: Aaron Paul Barnes

Australian Fabians National Chair: Billy Colless 

Cover Artist: Sam Wallman - Were All in this Together (2020)

Sam Wallman is a Walkey-nominated cartoonist, organiser and comics-journalist based in Melbourne, on Wurundjeri land. His work has been published by the ABC and SBS, the Guardian, the Age and the New York Times. Sam is a committed unionist, and is a former organiser and delegate for the National Union of Workers. Inhabiting a space somewhere between Hieronymus Bosch and Richard Scarry, Sam’s work is arresting, writhes with detail and always makes a powerful demand for change. In his work ‘We’re All in this Together’, commissioned for the inaugural cover of Fabian, Sam uses the visual conceit of an apartment building to lay bare the staggering gulf between the impacts the pandemic has had on the rich and poor. As the penthouse dwellers lounge comfortably in their capacious suites, protected from the suffering of those below, they nonetheless advise the unwashed masses beneath not to worry—after all, we’re all in this together, aren’t we?

The Australian Fabians Review is proud to have paid full union rates for Sam’s work.

By purchasing a copy of the piece, you are helping to support the Fabian now, and into the future by allowing the inclusion of more voices and ideas for a just and fair future–a mission more urgent now than ever.

We’re All in This Together (2020) is available for purchase as a stunning print from the shop on the Australian Fabians website.

Fabian - The Australian Fabians Review could not be possible without the incredible contributions and support of the members of our movement.




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