Alan Woodcraft at Australian Fabians

Alan Woodcraft

  • commented on Corbyn. Could it happen here? 2019-11-30 13:20:02 +1100
    Agee broadly with above, perhaps even more optimistic as have expectation that Corbyn will win, youth, large number of activists, extremely popular manifesto, and vision behind the manifesto which addresses climate change, equity and a pathway to transform capitalism. Am centred here though, and stalwart reformers have told me that impossible to democratise the ALP, well at least the version that I’m a member, the WA Labor Party. Told that three undemocratic locked doors exist. Starting with PLP which unaccountable. But executive and constituency road blocks also exist. Our first task is to make democratic reforms inside the party. My question, what would a reformed democratic, party look like, and how can we achieve this?

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