Victorian Fabians interactive policy workshops

Health and Wellbeing

Gabrielle Williams, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, will introduce the health and wellbeing session. In the two hours available our intention is not to edit the existing policy statement, but rather to identify some key operating principles on which the Review Committee can identify a relevant agenda for health and wellbeing at all levels within the state.

Some possible thought starters:

  1. It's now 2030 what are the main issues that are a challenge to each individual’s health condition and sense of wellbeing?
    • The effects of synthetics, chemicals and artificial factors in food, environment and surrounds as well as rogue, uncertified treatment procedures.
    • Use of 'designer' drugs to handle stress, anxiety, depression and for recreation.
    • The crippling costs of current day medication and medical procedures.
    • Maintaining dental health and accessing available treatment.
  2. What underlying principles should form the basis for public policy settings that ensure fair and equitable policies regarding health and personal wellbeing in Australian society leading up to 2030?
    • Social inclusion - Religious, cultural and socio-economic factors
    • Equity - Universal access and means testing issues
    • Metrics and support for ANDI, Australia's own wellbeing index system.
  3. What enlightened and/or disruptive policy initiatives could form the basis for a society enjoying universal health and wellbeing?
    • The role and scope of preventative interventions by the state
    • Preventative genetic and genome scanning and treatment
    • Stem cell engineering and bio-mechanical solutions
  4. What specific recommendations would set the scene for a fair and equitable health and wellbeing policy platform that takes into account those issues likely to come down the track.

It is essential to reserve your place so we can determine venue requirements.

  • March 15, 2017 at 6pm – 8pm
  • Multicultural Hub
    506 Elizabeth St
    Melbourne, Victoria 3000
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  • Max Dumais

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